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TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix5 (20 March 2020)


  • [TWC-1037] - XTM - API Templates: Sections not functioning at all
  • [TWC-1083] - Fixing broken cross-references points to terms that don't exist or terms in another dictionary.
  • [TWC-1096] - Editing external links with question marks deletes four characters in a sentence
  • [TWC-1098] - Staging areas disappeared (not being rendered by UI).
  • [TWC-1102] - Single character wildcard in TW4 search. Using '?' instead of single of characters.
  • [TWC-1112] - User Groups - Dictionaries added to User Group not displayed.
  • [TWC-1122] - Test button is visible when creating Filters in Search Modes > Filter.
  • [TWC-1124] - Changes to term are lost when you edit another term in SearchView.
  • [TWC-1127] - Cannot re-use a deleted Filter or Staging Area name.
  • [TWC-1131] - Cross-reference using "Link is referring to: Concept" does not work
  • [TWC-1134] - SearchView: Clicking Save icon multiple times creates term duplicates when adding terms.
  • [TWC-1135] - Workflows: Links in E-mail digests with HTML Reports were using TW3 URL.
  • [TWC-1137] - Filter names are reserved for the entire server. Now Filters are reserved only per client.
  • [TWC-1140] - Concept level fields using Date are pre-filled with todays date and are included in a save. Date fields are now blank per default.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix4 (20 February 2020)


  • [TWC-1110] - Workflow conditions - Workflows using Empty or Not Empty Conditions were not being saved correctly
    • Any text field has the Empty / Not Empty Condition available to it.
  • [TWC-1111 ] - Workflow conditions - "Field change" condition does not detect changes in Concept-level fields

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix3 (29 January 2020)


  • [TWC-1067] - Deleted terms still in export
  • [TWC-1069] - Edit Concept and Edit Term removed Region value for all terms
  • [TWC-1070] - Add term removed Region value for any earlier added terms
  • [TWC-1075] - Workflows - Last condition in workflows is removed when saving
  • [TWC-1080] - Mail digest based on time didn't work
  • [TWC-1081] - API Sync Settings: Filter on "Concept" is not saved, reverts to "Term"
    • API Sync settings is an administrative feature available the System menu. Only applicable for customers with the SDL Trados Studio integration.
  • [TWC-1082] - Error page after successful dictionary import.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix2 (22 January 2020)


  • [TWC-1074] - Cannot create new clients on multi-tenant servers
    • Feature only available to customers with own server and multi-tenant solution.

TermWeb  4.0.2-hotfix1 (20 January 2020)

New Features

  • [TWC-1073] - API Synchronisation settings now able to filter out only terms
    • API Sync settings is an administrative feature available the System menu. Only applicable for customers with the SDL Trados Studio integration.


  • [TWC-1064] - Session closes unexpectedly after deleting user via administration
  • Proper user group session timeout editing
  • Domain editing in concept view UI aligning

TermWeb  4.0.2 (18 December 2019)

New Features

  • [TWC-325] - Top right menu open on hover not click
  • [TWC-411] - Autologin to different clients support for guest
  • [TWC-754] - Regions in Filters should be a picklist
  • [TWC-894] - API lang sync settings (administrators can configure which languages available for synchronization with SDL Multiterm)
  • [TWC-896] - New interface for user groups page
  • [TWC-986] - Support import of file attachments from TermWeb3 in TermWeb4.
  • [TWC-991] - Guest should not be able to edit any filter except the Quick Filter
  • [TWC-995] - Speedup TBX import (now it's possible to import 200k concepts in an hour on average hardware)
  • [TWC-1002] - About page (contains information about TermWeb version and link to user documentation)
  • [TWC-1006] - API v4 documentation available in swagger format.
  • [TWC-1008] - Find entries with empty fields or non empty.
  • [TWC-1009] - Optimize search performance when working with Big dictionary (TermWeb can handle work in languages with over 1 million of entries)


  • [TWC-935] - Separate sessions for Guest accounts
  • [TWC-983] - Automatic (Always) login for Guest accounts feature should not be available for multi-tenant clients
  • [TWC-660] - Proper hints for options of automerge in grid
  • [TWC-728] - Remove colouring in grid
  • [TWC-951] - Remove double loading of user data after login.
  • [TWC-914] - No term list in "Add cross reference" window in IE11
  • [TWC-936] - Guest account Filters are not temporary
  • [TWC-955] - Multivalue fields selected values not visible
  • [TWC-957] - Support iframe rendering for XTM integration
  • [TWC-964] - Suggestion: "Expand" symbol in Domain field (Edit Concept)
  • [TWC-944] - TW4 bug: multi-select field values not persisting
  • [TWC-948] - Importing to File Repository does not recognise duplicates
  • [TWC-953] - List of users cached and shows list from different client (multitenant environment)
  • [TWC-958] - TermWeb failing on update in Administrator Tools
  • [TWC-959] - Impossible to edit Concept / Domain in Firefox
  • [TWC-960] - Cannot import Users and Groups file earlier exported from from TermWeb 3
  • [TWC-961] - Scheduled jobs and Administrator tools are not available for specific client admin
  • [TWC-963] - Searching for objects in File repository using one character gives result 4 but none visible
  • [TWC-967] - XTM integration sends terms to wrong dictionary
  • [TWC-969] - Impossible to remove Picklist field value
  • [TWC-970] - Delete Term does not update Concept Window and Termlist
  • [TWC-972] - Regions not displaying correctly in GridView and not able to batch edit Region values
  • [TWC-974] - User without any Permissions not able to log-in and does not receive any warning message
  • [TWC-976] - Filter information remains
  • [TWC-979] - Deleting domain - Warning comes after deleting the domain
  • [TWC-980] - TW4 Problem with Create user
  • [TWC-981] - List of Groups in Group members not updating with new groups
  • [TWC-984] - Saving created by-filter
  • [TWC-987] - TBX export doubles terms in final xml document
  • [TWC-989] - SearchView-button not appearing in some parts of the Administration menu
  • [TWC-990] - GridView - Batch editing multi-valued fields does not apply values
  • [TWC-992] - Deleting Dictionaries does not delete related API Sync Settings
  • [TWC-996] - Login page working incorrectly
  • [TWC-999] - Term not visible after importing dictionary with one concept
  • [TWC-1000] - Importing Users and User Groups-file (.xml) from TW3 crashes session in TW4
  • [TWC-1001] - Digest setting for time in Workflow E-mails is not saved
  • [TWC-1005] - Term Level Field Values not showing correctly
  • [TWC-1013] - Searching in file repository
  • [TWC-1030] - Different login screens after logout
  • [TWC-1031] - Left on log in screen
  • [TWC-1033] - API Synch Settings are using the intersection of all Filters and Languages from different Sync Settings
  • [TWC-1035] - Staging Areas - Deleting a user with a Staging Area seems to delete all Staging Areas

TermWeb  4.0.1 (21 October 2019)


  • [TWC-903] - B2: Cannot use comma in picklist values
  • [TWC-904] - B2: Attachments and fields with attachments are not exported
  • [TWC-905] - B2: Cannot create a filter with "Contains" / "Not Contains"
  • [TWC-908] - B2: Problems with staging area (cross references)
  • [TWC-909] - B2: Problems with TBX export
  • [TWC-912] - B2: Add a confirmation dialog before discarding changes
  • [TWC-913] - Scrolling to term in term list broken.
  • [TWC-923] - Staging area search language selector is hidden
  • [TWC-924] - Cant hide fields in staging area when view is applied
  • [TWC-926] - Concept relations shows term from different languages when dictionary has language with custom code
  • [TWC-927] - Not all TBX fields has column label in Grid
  • [TWC-928] - Quickfilter popup again outside of window
  • [TWC-929] - After editing filter in SearchView indexing dialog shown for infinite time
  • [TWC-930] - Dictionary not visible in SearchView after import
  • [TWC-931] - Can't delete dictionary when it has related private Staging areas.
  • [TWC-932] - "Copy term"-terms are not saved to Concept
  • [TWC-933] - Editing a Cross-reference leaves a String-stub next to the cross reference
  • [TWC-934] - Copy Concept-feature does not save certain Concept-level fields
  • [TWC-940] - Staging area adding search lang impossible
  • [TWC-942] - Copy dictionary error
  • [TWC-946] - TW4: Entries remain open in background
  • [TWC-949] - Cannot edit language after Dictionary creation.


  • [TWC-919] - Attachment issues
  • [TWC-950] - Remove messages and notifications from Profile page.


  • [TWC-947] - Catch errors on dictionary deletion
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