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TermWeb  4.0.1


  • [TWC-903] - B2: Cannot use comma in picklist values
  • [TWC-904] - B2: Attachments and fields with attachments are not exported
  • [TWC-905] - B2: Cannot create a filter with "Contains" / "Not Contains"
  • [TWC-908] - B2: Problems with staging area (cross references)
  • [TWC-909] - B2: Problems with TBX export
  • [TWC-912] - B2: Add a confirmation dialog before discarding changes
  • [TWC-913] - Scrolling to term in term list broken.
  • [TWC-923] - Staging area search language selector is hidden
  • [TWC-924] - Cant hide fields in staging area when view is applied
  • [TWC-926] - Concept relations shows term from different languages when dictionary has language with custom code
  • [TWC-927] - Not all TBX fields has column label in Grid
  • [TWC-928] - Quickfilter popup again outside of window
  • [TWC-929] - After editing filter in SearchView indexing dialog shown for infinite time
  • [TWC-930] - Dictionary not visible in SearchView after import
  • [TWC-931] - Can't delete dictionary when it has related private Staging areas.
  • [TWC-932] - "Copy term"-terms are not saved to Concept
  • [TWC-933] - Editing a Cross-reference leaves a String-stub next to the cross reference
  • [TWC-934] - Copy Concept-feature does not save certain Concept-level fields
  • [TWC-940] - Staging area adding search lang impossible
  • [TWC-942] - Copy dictionary error
  • [TWC-946] - TW4: Entries remain open in background
  • [TWC-949] - Cannot edit language after Dictionary creation.


  • [TWC-919] - Attachment issues
  • [TWC-950] - Remove messages and notifications from Profile page.


  • [TWC-947] - Catch errors on dictionary deletion
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